Membership Options
Healers: If you are already qualified as a spiritual healer you may be able to join subject to proof of your qualification, normally a copy of your current certificate from a spiritual healing organisation with similar standards to our own that is part of UK Healers. You will need to pass an assessment. Professional Indemnity Insurance is included in the annual fee for members who live in UK (includes Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands). The higher annual fee for healers living in UK is to cover the cost of the insurance and membership to UK Healers. No insurance is provided for members living outside UK. Trainee Healers: Those who are not already qualified Spiritual Healers may join as a Trainee Healer via a United Spiritual Healer Trainer.The United Spiritual Healers course has been accredited as meeting the standards of UK Healers and takes at least two years to complete.
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